Friday, January 16, 2009

Pink Toile Pleated Pillowcase Top and Pants

My vision for Rosemary's Closet is to have clothing that little girls (and one day boys) can wear running wild and free in a meadow of wild flowers with the wind whipping through their hair! I realize in our daily lives that doesn't happen much, so I'd settle with pretty clothes that make me smile. The pink toile outfit epitomizes the style and genre, if you will, of clothing I want to make. The delicate pink toile is unbelievably soft! This outfit would be perfect for any special occassion. If you live in a warm climate like me, you can simply pair it with a sweater when it gets below 60 and be happy. If you live somewhere colder this would be a great spring or summer outfit. The pleats take about four hours per outfit and I work on them for about an hour at a time. I make them up ahead of time so when someone orders the outfit I just need to cut and sew the top and pants in the size ordered and add the pleats and they don't have to wait days and days for the outfit to be made! The top is in the same style as the pillowcase dresses, except it's narrower and cut to fit around the waist (pleats add a little length). They are very versatile to fit all body types. The ribbons are treated to prevent fraying and a small stitch is placed on the inside to keep it from being pulled out by curious little hands and washing machines (a trick I wish I knew when I first started making these things!). The pants are simply two pieces of fabric cut out and sewn together with an elastic waist. All seams are finished with an overcast stitch to prevent fraying and provide a professional appearance. If you have any questions about this outfit, or any of my outfits, please feel free to leave a comment or email.

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