Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Ode to my Lost Girls

Shortly after I found out I was pregnant I scoured the internet looking for some sort of way of calming my fears and maybe finding out I wasn't the only one experiencing things I never knew were part of a normal pregnancy. My search led me to an online message board that included a birth club. Women at the same stage of pregnancy as me going through the same things! Now 23 months later I've found myself still visiting that message board and having found a group of ladies (I use that term loosely) with whom I've been able to share some of the happiest and most difficult times of my life. We were even cool enough to come up with a nickname (Lost Girls) and a mascot (Tinkerbell). In all our Tinkified coolness, I even came up with a uniform of sorts for our little ones (at least some of the little girls- we didn't think the dads would appreciate their little boys wearing dresses). It is my honor to present the little cutie patooties representing their Lost Girl pride.

(Photo courtesy of Leslie, future famous author and mother of the cutie patootie in pigtails and one on the way!)

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